23 Self Care Ideas Increasing Your Life Quality

It does seem that taking care of everything else is easier than caring for your own self. We make time for everything in life. We meet impossible deadlines, attend a thousand meetings in a day, and hang out with friends. However, when it comes to doing something for our own self, excuses and justifications are used. People seldom realise how critical self-care is for long life.

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No overload burnout

It is not uncommon for people to feel overwhelmed at everything happening around them. Life has become too fast-paced. Often, we feel ourselves wearing down, unable to keep up with everything. You are forced to take a break and give yourself time to recuperate. However, if you realise how important self-care is, you wouldn't have to face such a situation.

Do not wait for the time when you are unable to take even a single more step. Instead, get ideas for self-care that will ensure that stress and challenges do not bow you down.

Refocus and get your act together

Often, we find ourselves struggling to complete even a simple task. This is an indication that your brain needs some rest. Tips for self-care are what you need at this point. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Take a break and think about stuff that you want to do, which would relax you.

Remember, it is critical to make time for your own self. A healthy diet, a day at the spa, a good night's sleep, and an in-depth conversation with a friend are ways for you to indulge in self-care.

Self-care means doing what feels good. It refers to measures that would be good for your physical and mental well-being. It is allowing yourself to take a break once in a while.

If you want to enhance your quality of life while adding years to it, self-care is something you need to give priority to.


In the beginning,  make sure that you are meeting the basic needs like eating, drinking, and sleeping enough. If not, start there. If you’re struggling to feel secure enough —especially when it comes to basic income—look into what options are available to you for added security. For love and belonging, run an inventory on who you can reach out to for connection, or what you can do to create new relationships. For self-esteem, spend time doing something that makes you feel masterful!

Schedule your worry time

I would like to suggest to schedule "a worry time".This is a specific time each day to let yourself worry, plan and watch the TV news. In this way you train your brain to have a contained time to think about problems of the day. Another benefit is that during "scheduled worry time" you can self-observe and plan better how to mitigate that duress. Try to to keep your designated worry time away from bed time. Hopefully, in time, it would lead to lower stress levels.


Whether you call it self-care, me-time, or “break glass in case of emergency,” here are the best tools and activities to have in your back pocket when times are particularly tough.

1.  Write a list of 12 things I’m grateful for and why
To write a gratitude journal is one of the best ways to improve your overall well-being and to reduce anxiety and depression. Try to write down a handful of things you’re grateful for from the day before bed.

2. Spend time outside

3. Focus on your breathing

4. Sit in a comfy chair and read

5. Have a 20-minute stretching session

6. Have a dance party to your favourite music

7. Go for a drive with no destination

8. Balance your blood sugar

9. Have a picnic 

10. Practice positive thinking

11. Just sit on the front window or balcony or porch or balcony or yard

12. Try meditation

13. Take a nap for an hour

14. Get moving - jogging, pushups or workout

15. Research something that you’ve been interested in but haven’t had the time to dive into

16. Prepare smoothie

17. Remove unwanted hair from your body

18. Take a contrast shower

19. Remove the moles and skin tags

20. Begin writing a personal diary

21. Listen positive affirmations

22. Start detox program

23. Make  massage: Face, Neck or Full body

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