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All You Need To Know About Dermarolling

Microneedling, often described as dermarolling or collagen induction treatment, is a cosmetic procedure in which countless tiny little needles are inserted into the surface of the skin through a rolling or marking gadget. The collagen - this charming protein is also what keeps us looking young and beautiful. Unfortunately, it's thought that collagen production slows down by about 1 percent annually after the age of 20, which translates to the big "A" word - aging. Regardless of how scary dermarolling may appear, it's in fact considered a minimally invasive treatment with little to no downtime and fantastic results.  

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How To Do Pushups and Jogging Together (FREE Guide for 2021)

Two workouts that won’t ever go out of style are pushups and jogging. If you are looking to construct a simple, affordable, and satisfying workout around simple exercises, you should consider interval training using jogging and pushups. It’s the best way to mesh these two important exercises into an organized, useful routine. This article covers the basics.

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