How To Do Pushups and Jogging Together (FREE Guide for 2021)

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Combine the best of two worlds with amazing benefits for your longevity and health

“A river cuts through rock, 

not because of its power, 

but because of its persistence.”

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Running and push ups are two of the most basic types of exercises that you can do and they have been proven for a long time to help increase your level of fitness and increase your chances at a longer life as a result.

It has been proven that doing push ups every day or taking a jog a few times a week is a minor act that will set you on the right path towards a healthier lifestyle.

If you are finding the new exercise fads and crazy diets a bit overwhelming, you’re in the right place.

We’re going to cover why each of these workouts is beneficial and why, when used in conjunction, they can be vastly beneficial to your health.

Push Ups challenge

Push ups are probably one of the first exercises that you can ever remember learning about. That’s because they are easy to do, require no equipment, and are very beneficial to your upper body strength and muscle endurance.

It actually remains a staple in the endurance communities as one of the best workouts you can do for your upper body.

Over time, the classic push up challenge has been modified hundreds of times.  You can also include twists to help your explosive muscle strength like clapping between pushups and adding mountain climbers to each pushup.

The benefits to doing pushups are rather obvious--they help to build upper body strength. The muscles that this exercise works are the triceps, pectorals, and shoulders.

triceps,shoulders and pectorals

If you employ the right form when you do them, you can also help to strengthen your back and core by tensing your abdominal muscles.

The great thing about push ups is that they can be done anywhere that you have enough space to lie down.

That means that even if you are travelling and don’t have access to a gym, you can do your daily push ups for triceps just as you would do any other day. 

Push ups how to do

You probably won’t be asking how to do a pushup any time soon because it is such a common exercise, but in case you are, here is how to do it correctly:

  • Define your goal - how many pushups you are going do
  • Find flat and relatively clean surface on the ground
  • Put your hands on the ground directly in front of your shoulders. I do recommend you to use our sport gloves with gel pad for convenience
  • Support the back end of your body with your feet
  • Keep your neck and head in line with your spine.
  • Lift your body off of the ground so that it is flat
  • Push up and down, keeping your elbows at a 90-degree angle when you are down
  • Repeat until you reach your goal
  • Relax for 30 seconds before next activity

 And remember: If you feel pain or big discomfort - stop the exercise. Stay hydrated during all of your workouts. Be consistent!

You can learn about habit formation by Sam Thomas Davies. He shares 10 lessons he learns from developing a daily push-up habit.

article about pushups


You really don’t need anything to do a pushup, but you should wear clothes that are loose and comfortable. This men's shorts or women sport suit are excellent choice for the beginning. 

Some people choose  to wear some gear in the form of sleeves or wristbands to help support the wrists, which take a lot of stress when you are doing a pushups.

But don’t worry--this equipment won’t get in the way of you being able to do a pushups from anywhere.

Wrist braces are a must for those who are experiencing pain while doing pushups but want to try and include it in their workout.

If you are overweight - do the progression of pull ups (rows), push ups (wall, incline or knee push ups), body weight squats or lunges and some leg raises or planks for the core. Also, instead to pay too much attention to your diet, I would recommend to take a supplement which promotes a healthy metabolism as Meticore. It’s actually pretty simple, you just have to stick to it regularly and be patient. Later, when you loose some fat and become stronger, you will be able to do harder variations of exercises and you will be in better shape.


If you truly want to get the most out of your pushups, you could also use a pushup board. A board like this will help you to put your hands in a variety of positions while you are doing your pushups to make your workout more comfortable and also allow you to work many different muscle areas.

If you love doing pushups as part of your daily workout routine but want to introduce some variety into the workout, then this is a great option. There are 9 possible pushup positions that allow you to push a variety of muscle groups to the limit and build muscle rapidly.

If you're losing muscle mass as you age, I would recommend you Perfect Amino. Regular use will help you stay strong and independent as you age — and even have more muscle than you did when you were younger!

For those of you who are concerned about the safety may read What Are the Benefits and Risks of Doing Daily Pushups? before they start.

article about pushups benefits 


Another one of the most common workouts that you can do from home without any equipment is jogging. Jogging has been a favourite for many of those who seek a healthy active lifestyle because it gets you out and moving and also allows you to have a scenic way to work out.

You can run through parks, your neighbourhood, and you can even do it in the comfort of your own home while you watch television on a treadmill.

 jogging man on the road

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Apart from being a very enjoyable exercise for some people, it also offers a lot of health benefits and affords you some flexibility when it comes to options to get the most out of your jogging workout.

One of the main benefits of jogging is cardiovascular fitness, which is often neglected by people but is one of the most important things that you can possibly do for your body.

Heart health is absolutely essential for longevity. Along with heart health, the other health benefits that you can count on from a habit of jogging are strengthened muscles, the burning of calories, healthy weight, and strong bones. Ultimate Bone Support  may gives you effective amount of strontium to strengthen your bones based on the latest research.


Just like with pushups, jogging is an exercise that you don’t really need much equipment to do. Although, there are some things that you can get to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

You probably want to wear athletic shorts and a comfortable t-shirt as well as get a comfortable, supportive pair of running shoes. If you have subpar shoes and don’t want to get a whole new pair, you can try to get some breathable insoles to make your feet more comfortable.

 When people run a lot, some can experience knee pain and discomfort as a result of the overuse of the joint. One way that you can combat this is with a knee brace to help support the knee joint and keep you out of pain on your runs. 

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While jogging, you may encounter aggressive strangers or wild animals. This personal alarm siren provides peace of mind while you jogging early in the morning or late at night. The thing is small and smooth enough to fit anywhere - key chain, backpack or just in your palm.

Using Both to Maintain Your Health

So, now that you have a little more background knowledge on what these two basic workouts have to offer, you might be interested in combining them to create a simple and effective workout.

Jogging and pushups pair very well together as workouts because they each do something different that works out a different, but important part of the body.

While jogging helps with cardio health and endurance, pushups help to create raw muscle strength and tighten your core.

When worked in combination and used creatively, you can certainly structure a decent complete workout around these two exercises and reap a lot of health benefits as a result.

If you haven’t ever constructed a workout, there’s no better place to start than with a workout that only has two exercises involved.

Interval Training

You might know that you want to combine the two workouts, but you don’t know the exact best way to do it. Well, it’s pretty simple and much easier than structuring a regular workout with dozens of different exercises.

The best way to work with both of these exercises in one workout is to do interval training. If you are going to use running and jogging in an interval-type workout, you just need to decide how much of each exercise you want to do.

The right amount of daily push-ups is based on individual needs, abilities and goals. I do recommend you to try our 30-day challenge just to get in shape. Please choose the correct table - for men (blue) and women (pink).

Here is the example how to read the tables from DAY 1 - walking 3 minutes, then jogging 5 minutes, then make 7 push ups, walk 3 minutes, jogging 10 minutes, waling 3 minutes, make another 7 push ups and walk 3 minutes. Continue with DAY 2, 3 etc.

Do not forget to rest in DAY 6 and 7! 


table1 30-day chalenge

table2 30-day chalenge

table3 30-day chalenge

table4 30-day chalenge

table5 30-day chalenge



table w1 30-day chalenge

table w2 30-day chalenge

table w3 30-day chalenge

table w4 30-day chalenge

table w5 30-day chalenge

For long-distance runners, this might mean running a mile and then doing 40 pushups. In general it is considered that making less than 20 pushups is just to keep the shape. If you want to progress and build up muscles mass then your workout have to include minimum  25+ pushups per day.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you have to be consistent with your workout routines.


Though we have entered a stage in history where workouts are becoming more and more elaborate, there is actually quite a bit that you can by just using your body weight, some creativity, and determination. Two workouts that won’t ever go out of style are pushups and jogging.

These workouts can be done anywhere and have been proven to have numerous health benefits. If you are looking to construct a simple, affordable, and satisfying workout around simple exercises, you should consider interval training using jogging and pushups.

It’s the best way to mesh these two important exercises into an organised, useful routine. Be sure to put safety first and use whichever safety equipment you need, such as knee braces and compression sleeves/elbow braces!

Send me your feedback in the comments and earn 10% discount coupon for your next order. Stay young and healthy!

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