9 Self Motivation Steps To Increase Longevity

Self-motivation has the power to take one a long way.

The ability to motivate yourself is an important skill.

Indeed, studies have proven that people with high motivation levels tend to live longer. The reason is apparent. Understanding and developing your self-motivation can help you to take control of many other aspects of your life.

When one has adequate self-motivation, he is not bowed down by any challenges. He keeps anxiety and stress at bay. All that he focuses on is moving forward.

Thus, he pays exquisite attention to his health as well. This ensures mental and physical well-being, thereby leading to longevity.

Types of Motivators

It is helpful to understand what motivates you to do things.

There are two main types of motivators: ‘intrinsic’ and ‘extrinsic’.

By definition intrinsic motivation is related to what we want to do. From the other side is extrinsic motivation which is related to what we have to do.

Let me give you two examples: If someone works because he has to pay his basic needs (mortgage and food). This individual gets no satisfaction from his job and there is no chance of promotion then we say that his motivators are purely extrinsic.

The other person works because she loves what she does, she gets great satisfaction from her work. This woman has enough money put away that she does not need to work, she owns her house outright and can afford to buy what she wants when she wants it. In this case we say that her motivators are purely intrinsic.

The secrets of self-motivation

A motivated person is inclined to asking more questions.

Even the simplest things make him curious. As a result, he is on the path to discovering answers.

He pursues interests actively, because it’s about knowing what he really wants. Thus, his mental health is not compromised. He acquires knowledge and skills, which enable him to design his life productively.

Therefore, long and fulfilling life is within his reach due to his motivation.

Self-motivation also brings self-awareness. A self-motivated person would have no qualms in admitting that he does not know everything. As a result, no failure is able to block his path.

He is willing to learn and grow and make full use of the opportunities presented to him.

Your motivation and positivity do not allow you to succumb to any setback. Your drive to succeed increases with every challenge thrown your way. This encourages you to stay focused and avoid distractions.

There is too much to achieve in life. Thus, you make sure that you take care of yourself in the best possible manner.

Self-motivation encourages you to take time out for yourself to finish what you have set out to do.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that you live a long time, keep yourself motivated at all times. Do not let failures dictate your path. Take control of your life in your hands.

- Create positive affirmations
- Practice Self-observation
- Keep learning / studding
- Help Others
- Keep it as simple as possible (KIASAP)


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