Meticore - Dietary Supplement 30 capsules

Meticore - Dietary Supplement 30 capsules

Dietary supplement for weight loss support and appetite control. Promotes healthy metabolism by targeting low body core temperature, a newly discovered, clinically proven cause of slow metabolism.

Who is Meticore suitable for?

Meticore is suitable for both men and women who are struggling to lose weight or are confident that their metabolism is far too slow. Most of all, it is ideal for those faced with low core/basal body temperature looking to bring it up to normal levels.

What is the suggested dose of Meticore?

Individuals have been suggested to take one Meticore capsule every morning with a glass of water at breakfast.

Is Meticore safe?

According to the creators of Meticore, it is generally safe based on the fact that they have not received any reported side effects. However, very little research has been conducted on most of the listed ingredients. Therefore, a health practitioner’s advice should be sought, especially for those on medication.