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There’s a better way! HAPPYEAR® is a new and innovative Ear Wax Cleaner. It is recommended by doctors not only because is safer and  efficient but also makes you feel so damn good by giving you a better massage. These are among the professional tools for caring for itchy ears on the inside.  It is different from the cotton swabs which can cause pain by further pushing the wax into the ear canal. HAPPYEAR® is designed to be an ear wax remover while reducing the risk of injuring the eardrum or impair hearing. This is the best way to soothe itchy ears ears with safety! There is no harm to try now...

how it works?

Your ear canal is a tube closed off at one end by your eardrum. While you talk and chew, that helps move wax out towards the opening so it doesn’t impede hearing. Inserting a Q-tip or a screwdriver actually reverses that motion, pushing wax back where you don’t want it to be, sometimes creating hardened balls of wax. Then it becomes a job for this ear cleaner tool called HAPPYEAR® to pull it out the excess buildup with rotating spiral-grooved tip. This is the exact thing to do because ear wax should't be removed completely. Normally it serves as a natural protection.

The video here shows how it works...

You know you shouldn’t do it

The problem is, the most people  do it anyway

When you put it on the inside of your ear and move it around, it feels nice, it becomes a sensual thing. There are actually several reasons why we’re drawn to digging around and trying desperately to find the way how to fix itchy ears. Too much wax in your ears can cause discomfort, impair hearing or just itching.

But be careful - apart from the risks of cutting your canal or forcing wax back into your inner ear, sticking a finger in your ear is a mistake because your nails tend to conceal lots of microscopic bacteria that could cause an infection.

man pushing finger in its ear
doctor recommends smart swab

doctor and pharmacist RECOMMENDED

The accumulation of cerumen (the technical term for earwax.) can affect ear canal’s health and normal hearing, there is a great danger to remove your ear wax in an unsafe way. If you use paper towels to remove earwax, tissue paper pieces can easily fall in the ear canal, causing new clogging. If you use your fingers to remove ear wax, residual bacteria in the nails can cause ear canal infection. Traditional cotton buds are renowned for being dangerous and unhygienic; they can cause ear infections and sometimes even affect our hearing. Doctors recommend an alternative product like this ear cleaner that gently cleans relief itchy ears without harming the auditory canal and at last we’ve found it!

So...what is my benefits?

Once you receive your HAPPYEAR® this is most probably because you are about to try what helps itchy ears. So, you will  will enjoy following benefits:

☑ Extract ear wax easily and instant relief itchy ear

☑ Makes ear wax removal safe

☑ Soft, flexible and medical grade silicone tip

☑ Goes the perfect distance inside your ear

☑ Extracts ear wax with a spiral-grooved head

☑ Won’t injury the ear when used as directed

☑ Includes 16 disposable tips, and user instructions

☑ Removes ONLY THE EARWAX EXCESS, as doctors recommended

It also does just feel really, really good! Mmmm...

safe ear wax remover

But...if This is not enough, 

What else ?

Ok, also you've got:

☑ Better & Clear Hearing

☑ Improved Ear Hygiene & Health 

☑ No More Ear Canal Injuries

☑ Goodbye Dirty Earbuds Or Earphones 

☑ Mini-size - can use it anytime and anywhere, easy to get rid of the trouble of itchy ears.

☑ Now only: Buy one get one FREE!

safe ear wax remover
ear wax removal tool finger testing softness

how to use it? 

Despite the reports of many buyers that it can be used for nose cleaning or for pets we do recommend only for cleaning the human itchy ears. HAPPYEAR® ear cleaner is easy to use and clean - just insert the tip carefully and slowly into your ear canal, then twist in direction of the arrow on handle. The tips can be easily cleaned with water, and it comes with 16 washable replacement tips to maintain healthy ear canals. When replacing the tips from this ear wax removal tool, press the two sides of the tip and it will be free and replace it with a new one. Soft spiralled, and grooved head collects more wax than a regular cotton swab.

This Ear Cleaner Solution can gives your ear a better massage and sooth itching. You can remove your ear excessive wax buildups without any worry and get your comfort back.

what is in the pack: 

The CE approved suction Ear Wax Removal Kit is the perfect solution.

Included in the Package: 1 X portable plastic handle  in light blue and white colors with ergonomic design with sizes approximately 3.9 X 0.98 inch. The handle is and easy to use and hold marked with white arrow symbol at the front end to show the correct direction of rotation.

Complete with sixteen (10+6) washable silicone tips, you can use it multiple times leaflet with user instructions. You can carry all the tips and Ear Cleaning kit with the ear pick case , and ensure that you don't lose any of them.

safe ear wax remover
ear wax removal tool finger testing softness

SAFE DELIVERY for usa, canada and europe

Sometimes we use international couriers, so, please, allow 2 weeks for trackable cost-delivery. Also, feel free to send us delivery instructions, if any. We always do our best!

Placing your order you get:

☑ Excellent product

☑ Trackable inexpensive secure delivery

☑ Secure online payment

☑ 90 days money-back guarantee

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Jules Moon

Store Manager

Maintaining clean ears can be tricky & time-consuming, but not with HAPPYEAR®. I looked at a device that was motorised, but the thought of something buzzing like a fly in my ear was annoying. With this, all u need is a twist of your wrist & this clever spiral attachment grabs a lot of wax & brings it out. Wipe clean & repeat as needed. The set I had before was good, but 9 seconds in my dog's mouth left it crushed & unrecognisable. Keep yours out of dogs; kiddies reach, please.

 Brandy James


I was curious at first about this product because the as seen on tv products aren't always the best. Surprisingly HAPPYEAR® actually works and it's super comfy in your ear. The flexible head is super soft and I love how many extra heads it comes with so you'll be able to change when needed. There comes a bonus pack which is hard ones to make up the need when you need some tool really hard to reach deep or the very place of your ear. Highly recommend. (And I never come accross that the tips come out, because when you follow their instruction to operate, will get a 0 mistake result. Recommend you carefully load the tips before using, the seller has done their best )

MINA Holmes


I was pleasantly surprised by this ear cleaner. HAPPYEAR® not only does the job it’s supposed to but it does it painlessly and efficiently. I’ve always been hesitant to put stuff in my ears but this eased my fears. It is very easy to use, comfortable and hygienic. The extra gift was awesome! The second FREE Kit I have used for my dog :D Excellent product and quality customer service from the seller. Highly recommend!


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