T-shape Vibration Massager


  • Easy and comfortable to handle.
  • Polyhedral angle design, good for skin massage.
  • Tiny and portable, you can use anytime anywhere.
  • Rotating massage, which makes your face soft and moisture.
  • Non-toxic to your skin, release mood, anti-wrinkle, metabolism, blood circulation.
  • You can use it while reading, watching TV, showering, etc.




Ingredients and Size Details

Stainless Steel

Skin Type: normal skin

NET weight: 80g

The set includes:  1pc Energy Beauty Bar; 1pc Black bag and 1pc User Manual

NOTE: Without retail box , but we'll pack it well before shipping. The one we ship out. Thank you.



How To Use:

How To Use: Gently roll the T-shaped head on forehead, cheek, neck, clavicle, shoulder, arm, hands & legs. Move slowly from bottom to top and inward to outward. The round end of the T-shaped head can be gently pressed of the area where you want to improve for 2-3 seconds.