Don’t Let Scars Affect Your Life Anymore!

Wearing your scars with pride can be hard to do when they’re on your face or any other visible part of your body. And the fear of facial scars is never as real as when you have acne , pimple scar, insect bites mark, rub mark, burn scars, surgical scars and other scars affecting your natural appearance.

When the damage caused by some of the reasons above is severe, the body can respond by creating too much tissue or too little tissue. The production of too much tissue forms a keloid or a hypertrophic scar, and too little tissue leads to that depression in the skin, or atrophic scar.
As a result it may lead to low self-esteem, itchy discomfort or leak of confidence when communicating with others in daily life.

But what if we told you that you could fade these scars to flaunt flawless skin without any makeup or additional surgery?

Still skeptical? Before you go and hunt for another solution please see bellow how it works!


A hypertrophic scar is a cutaneous condition characterized by deposits of excessive amounts of collagen which gives rise to a raised scar.

This Gel Applies The Four Principles LANBENA uses for scar treatment:

1. Softening the cuticle - by reducing the surface tension causing suppressing the synthesis of collagen fibers.  

2. Permeate Skin Bottom - softening scar hyperplasia through metabolism of small molecule silicone and the same level of collagen.

3. Removing pigment precipitation- reduces melanin deposition, promotes stratum comeum and repairs the skin.

4. Bridge repair - repairing atrophic scars by separation of necrotic tissue and further enhancing tissue softening.



Effectively prevents scar proliferation after surgery


dermatologist and allergy tested


Contains natural ingredients. Suitable for babies over 1 year old and breast feeding mothers.


Slowly decomposes pigments and removes marks

If you are worried about visible scars especially in exposed parts of the body like in the face and neck area, you should try this!
See bellow what our customers think about it:


By Brenda Lloyd on April 5, 2018

" Got burn couple weeks ago and since summer is around the corner, i wanted to have less scars. So I got this.
I put the cream on three times a day, the cream has a oily consistently and smell like Chinese herbs. Nothing too ignoring.."

By Devon Borokoff on May 25, 2018

" Had worked very well and fast. I’ve found it levels out my scars nicely, and lightens minor scars within days. More major scars it’s take a few weeks to notice a difference but it’s definitely noticeable. Will definitely buy more."

By Abby V.on March 21, 2018

I suffer from some pretty severe acne scars from my teenage years. ... I've never tried to do anything about the scars before, thinking they were just permanent. But I bought this cream and within just a short period of time of using it, I feel like it's really lightened the scars that I have. I can feel more confident without wearing makeup. I'm really excited to see what the results are going to be over a long period of time.

We accept returns for ANY reason. Wrong odour? Wrong texture? Not working for you? Don't like it? Changed your mind? That's fine! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! 100% RISK FREE!




Don’t Be Fooled By False Promises!
If you’re looking to reduce an existing scar, you’ve probably already started the internet hunt. In fact, that’s likely what landed you here. It’s probably safe to assume that you’ve come across promises that creams containing Vitamin E or cocoa butter will reduce the visibility of your scar within days if not whisk it away altogether. But there is no scientific support suggesting that either Vitamin E or cocoa butter are effective against scars.

What we are offering you today is a proven ADVANCED SCAR CREAM based on traditional Chinese medicine formulated to help reduce the appearance of new old and old scars. Very Effective on scars caused by cuts, operations mark and burns. Works deep down to get rid of the appearance of scars on the face, abs, back, chest, knees, legs and other external areas of the body. Really repair and rejuvenate the human skin.


By Barbara Austin on May 26, 2018

" Ok, the only thing I regret is for not taking before and after pictures. The first thing I noticed was that within 2 days the texture of my skin got smoother and softer! So far the scars have lightened but they still haven’t gone away completely, guess it just takes a while. "

By Lisa Cadyon May 7, 2018

" Bought off a recommendation from a friend after getting bit by a cat and having a narly looking scar. Seems to be working as the scar has faded from bright red to a lighter duller color. Should have done before/ after to show the results."

By Jenni Roweon April 11, 2018

" Great product! I like it a lot! I have noticed that my wrinkles start to!"

Enjoy your body again!


WOUND SCAR SOFTENING EFFECT & SMOOTHING EFFECT: Shorten the time to crusting and provide good conjunctival bottom skin, can promote cell metabolism and regeneration of the injured skin muscle and tissue restoration
APPLICATIONS: Pit caused by acne , pimple scar, insect bites mark, rub mark and so on; effectively remove burn scars.surgical scars and other scars affecting the appearance
DESIGNED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Perfect for All including Sensitive, Oily, and Thin Skin. Kids and Adults

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: No colorants, irritants, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, light weight, readily absorbed.
CAPACITY: 1.05oz (30g) - Enough to last



Oh...we forgot to mention - it has "side effects" - reduce the wrinkles...

The most important - it will not cost you a fortune. The price is not $100, not $50 and not $25.

On top of all this - FREE SHIPPING!

We accept returns for ANY reason. Wrong odour? Wrong texture? Not working for you? Don't like it? Changed your mind? That's fine! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! 100% RISK FREE!



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