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50 capsules with natural ingredients suppressing your appetite

The pills to suppress appetite makes the brain think that it’s not hungry. They suppress the appetite, which results in that person eating less food. This is mostly used by individuals who are looking to lose excess weight. In addition to physical activity and a healthier diet, these appetite suppressants can be used in the form of supplements in order to reach one’s weight loss goal or to maintain weight.

A lot of these appetite suppressants come in the form of a pill or capsule and are made from chemicals that are used to suppress the appetite. However, there are herbal alternatives as well that use natural ingredients in order to curb hunger.

This specific obesity capsule introduced by ‘Go Young’ is created using a secret formula and it was under the ownership of a royal family back in the day. Plus, it has proven to have no side effects and is known to be quite effective. It is manufactured through a purification process at an extremely low temperature and a modern extraction process. This capsule contains natural ingredients like Tangerine peel, Ginger peel, Poria cocos peel, and Morus alba peel that helps in suppressing the appetite.

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Main Benefits:

  • Quick Burn Extra Fat
  • Suppress Appetite
  • No Need to Diet
  • Lower Heart Attack Risk Caused by Diabetes
  • Keep Taking to Normalize Body's Metabolism and Keep Fit
  • No Side Effect Reported

    OK, But How It Works?

    The weight-loss formula contains highly effective ingredients as follows:

    Ingredient: Ginger Peel
    Function: Ginger has a dual antiobesity effect. First, it increases the metabolic rate and thus helps to “burn off” excessive fat, and second, suppresses the absorption of calorie-dense dietary fats from the intestines. The ginger extract inhibits the absorption of dietary fat by the intestine. 
    Sources:  [1] H.P. Rang, M.M. Dale, J.M. Ritter, R.J. Flower
    Rang and Dale’s pharmacology
    (6th ed.), McGraw-Hill, New York (2007)
    Ingredient: Morus alba
    Function: Natural lipid metabolism regulator. Regulate obesity and lipid disorders.
    Sources: J. Lee, K. Chae, J. Ha, B.Y. Park, H.S. Lee, et al.
    Regulation of obesity and lipid disorders by herbal extracts from Morus alba, Melissa officinalis, and Artemisia capillaris in high-fat diet-induced obese mice
    J Ethnopharmacol, 115 (2008), pp. 263-270
    Ingredient: Poria cocos
    Function: Promoting urination, to invigorate the spleen function (i.e., digestive function), and to calm the mind. 
    Sources: Bensky D, Clavey S, Stoger E. (2004) Eastland Press, Inc. Seattle, 3rd ed. ISBN 0939616424. p. 267
    Ingredient: Tangerine Peel
    Function: Anti-inflammatory properties, and is used to prevent indigestion, aid the digestion of fatty foods, and to treat anorexia, colds, flu, coughs, stress, and menstrual disorders. Tangerine peel is also used for its antioxidant activity and as an anti-cancer agent.
    Sources: Tangerine Peel - Ask Dr. Mao

    Most of the appetite suppressors from other suppliers on the market are reported for side effects like  "difficult to focus" and "jittery" "hyper-awake" because they contain caffeine, niacin, or quercetin.

    By using these natural weight loss supplements you will avoid all those side effects caused by chemical suppressors.

    What Is In The Pack?

    Net Weight: 50 pcs capsules
    Certification: CFDA
    Packaging: 1X Bottle
    Shelf Life: 24 months
    Storage: Keep away from Heat, Moisture, and Direct Sunlight
    Certificate of Authenticity

    How To Use?


    Morning - 2 pills

    Lunchtime - 2 pills

    Dinner - 1 pill

    Now you are an expert, almost...😊🤞

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