How to Survive a Heatwave

   We’ve all dealt with hot weather at some point or another, and we know how to stay cool to some degree. However, dealing with a historic heat wave is a whole other ball game. As it so happens, the UK is in line for one of the hottest summers on record, and it’s all a part of the more extreme temperatures that we have been experiencing worldwide as of late. [1]

Intense heat is dangerous for a variety of reasons and people. Heat is responsible for stress, dehydration, heat stroke, and other conditions that can put people in danger during a heat wave. It’s especially dangerous to seniors, children, and the physically active.

Regardless of whether you are at increased risk or if you simply want to be prepared for the heat, knowing what you can do to keep yourself cool is an incredibly valuable piece of information to have heading into the summer months.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that heat waves can be quite dangerous if you aren’t prepared for the heat. Combatting heat can sometimes feel like an impossible task, and that’s why we feel that it’s important for us to give you some easy solutions to help keep cool—and safe—this summer as the heat wave passes through.

Mini Air Conditioners

When normal air conditioners aren’t available or aren’t doing the job well enough due to damage or inefficiency, mini air conditions position themselves as the next best option. Don’t be fooled by the name—these air conditioners can pack a punch when used in a small room. You won’t be cooling down any industrial-sized warehouses, but this little device is more than enough to keep you cool personally and reduce the amount of danger for yourself in the event of an extreme heat wave.

This mini air conditioner is a great affordable option if you are on the prowl for one. Traditional methods of air conditioning a space during record heat are astronomically expensive. So, if you’re looking for an option that only has to be used very infrequently and is just enough to get the job done for a couple of days, this might be an option that you want to look at.

The reason that the mini air conditioner has an impact that surpasses its size is that it pulls in the existing warm air from the room and blasts it back out as cold air. This reduces the amount of hot air and increases the amount of cool air simultaneously, doubling the effect of the air conditioner.

In addition to making the air cooler, it also rejuvenates the humidity in the air to give a cool, soothing effect that makes all the difference on an incredibly hot day. It pumps out comfortable air largely due to the fact that you can fill it with water that evaporates as it works. It runs for up to 8 hours on a single fill and is ideal for those who want a personal, but effective way to cool themselves on those days when the heat becomes nearly unbearable.

Many know air conditioners to be loud, noisy, and disruptive to the peace around your home. This mini air conditioner, however, has a whisper-quiet fan to make sure that it doesn’t pile on to your stress and annoyance at the blistering heat. Also, you’ll be able to easily use it in your bedroom since it isn’t very loud at all and you shouldn’t have a problem sleeping while it is on. If you’re a person that prefers the cold when you are trying to sleep, this mini air condition could be the device you have been waiting for.

We obviously hope that it never has to be used, but the mini air conditioner is a wonderful thing to have on hand in the case of emergency or if your traditional cooling system fails at the most inconvenient time. Though it’s not a reliable long-term solution for an entire home, the mini air conditioner is perfect to use in a bedroom or other room that you want to keep comfortable while the outside conditions refuse to cooperate.

Portable Air Conditioning

If you need air conditioning on the go, this mini handheld air conditioning cooling fan is the perfect solution. You can easily bring it to the beach, pool, or anywhere else. It’s very small but gives a strong blast on a hot day. This little device can easily be the difference between hovering at a safe temperature and experiencing an overheating scenario.

We’d recommend that you carry one of these in your pockets, purse, or beach bag just in the event that you need some rapid cooling on the go.

Garden Hose

During heat waves, plants can also be at risk. We often forget this but if you want your plants to survive a heat wave, you must be proactive and take steps to ensure that you can keep them hydrated and healthy during increased temperatures. The best way to do this is with a reliable garden hose. However, not all garden hoses are made equal. Hoses are notoriously difficult to store, use, and move. That all changes now!

This particular hose is one of the better ones on the market and has a convenient collapsible design that means it won’t take up much space at all. If you’re on the prowl for a new hose before the heat wave hits, we have no problem recommending this one to you.

Who doesn’t love a good water fight? If it’s a hot day out and you have cabin fever, you can always safely play in the heatwave if you have some water to cool you off. Obviously, you should bring out some water for drinking or use bottled water, but spraying each other with the hose makes for great fun and also serves as a supplementary method for cooling off on a hot day.



Heat waves can be scary, and we don’t yet know exactly how hot it will be on a day-to-day basis, but one thing is clear: it’s going to be incredibly important to stay hydrated and cool so as to avoid any negative effects on your health from the heat. You can do that using all of the products that we’ve recommended in this article and by keeping close track of your water


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